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It's no secret that you've had a rough time over the last couple of years, Capricorn. Hosting the two heaviest planets -- Saturn and Pluto -- in your sign, along with eclipses across your relationship axis since , has most certainly shifted the landscape of your entire life, including your love life.

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Structures you held on to that you thought served you personally, professionally, and in terms of your security have either already been ripped away from you or will come crashing down in early , as Saturn and Pluto make their infamous conjunction in your sign on January For some, this might be about a major ending in a relationship. For others, it could be that you and your mate have taken a ride-or-die approach to whatever circumstances you've endured over the last year and are now ready to rise from the ashes together, with the love you share stronger than ever before. If you start out feeling weary and worn Capricorn, know that it is all very much part of a greater plan to help you shed the skin of what no longer serves you along your life path.