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By she insisted she had not had any cosmetic surgery, "just a little work on the jaw. By , she has gone through eight husbands, four children and nine grandchildren. At just 18, she married year-old Nicky Hilton, heir to the hotel fortune, June 6 , and it was a disaster from the first.

Elizabeth Taylor

She later confided to friends that Hilton, a heavy gambler and boozer, did not consummate the marriage until the third night, and after that became sullen, angry, and abusive, physically and mentally. The marriage did not last a year. Wilding was a quiet man who represented security, maturity.

Perhaps too much so; they split after five years and two sons.

A day after their separation, flamboyant producer Mike Todd leaped into Liz's life. She got pregnant with their daughter, Liza, and they married on 2 February in a orchid-covered villa in Acapulco, Mexico.

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Ironically, crooner Eddie Fisher, who became Liz's fourth husband, was their best man. After a tumultuous year of passionate fights and reconciliation's with Todd, he was killed in a plane crash on 23 March Eddie Fisher consoled Liz, then abruptly left his wife Debbie Reynolds to marry the widow on 12 May They adopted a daughter together, but their marriage crashed when she met and fell in love with her Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton.

To all appearances, the most star-crossed and dynamic relationship of her life, she and Burton married - and divorced - twice. The first time was on 14 March in Montreal, Canada.

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They became the media darlings of their era with their jet-setting, battling, drinking and reconciliation's. They divorced in and remarried a year later, on 10 October , Botswana, Africa, for a short rematch.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: A Love Writ in Water |

She gamely made a try at being a political wife but rapidly gained weight, drinking and pill-popping. After her divorce from Warner, Liz checked into the Betty Ford clinic, where she met year-younger blue-collar worker Larry Fortensky. He became her eighth husband on 16 October in a gala held at her pal Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch. That marriage folded in Personally she has gone through tragedies in the death of one husband and a number of medical problems; two hip replacement surgeries, a near fatal bought of pneumonia, weight fluctuations, a lacerated esophagus, emergency eye surgery, irregular heartbeat, colitis, an ulcer and a serious surgery to remove a benign tumor from her left frontal lobe of her brain 20 February A fall at home on 19 August hospitalized her with a compression fracture in her spine.

The Synastry of a Great Love: ELizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

She has suffered with osteoporosis for awhile and has never been able to shake the back problems that began in when she tumbled from a horse while filming "National Velvet. They announced their separation 30 August In June at age 70, she had radiation treatment for skin cancer and her doctor reports no residual evidence of basal cell carcinoma. Under the terms of the Holocaust Victims Redress Act, a Canadian lawyer filed a suit against Liz Taylor on 5 October for ownership of a valuable Van Gogh painting now owned by the star.

The attorney, Andrew Orkin, claims the painting belonged to his great-grandmother, Margarete Mauthner, a Jewish intellectual, patron of the arts, and art collector who fled the Nazis in Germany. GMT; London, England. A data. When she was 18, the director Joseph L. Venus and Uranus are also parallel. In reading about her life in the tributes that have appeared this week, there is so much mention of her deep violet eyes; you can feel how she captured people with her beauty. The horoscope has Libra on the 10th house, so Venus rules her reputation and the most public part of the natal chart.

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The director Joseph Mankiewicz also had a telling description of the woman whose natal horoscope has three planets in Pisces, including the Sun opposite Neptune. He said about Ms. She, of course, had a long career in film and was also renowned for her pioneering work as an AIDS activist. Her friend, Rock Hudson, died in of the disease; he was the first big Hollywood star to go public with the details about his battle with the illness.

The natal Venus-Uranus is square to Pluto in the 8th, a signature for bold and compelling expression in sexual, and other, matters.


Taylor has Sagittarius rising in the natal horoscope, with Jupiter in Leo, square the Moon in Scorpio. Looks, fame, wealth, honors, love. I rarely had to fight for anything. In November , her publicist announced that she had congestive heart failure. She survived for six more years until her death in March The lunar return also has Saturn in the 4th house, with the transiting nodes square the natal nodes.